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In the text The Princess Bride the author uses many techniques to make the story interesting and entertaining. The story is set in medieval times and the main characters are different and interesting. Humour is used in this book and there is a lot of action and adventure which makes the story interesting. There is also flashback that is used to give more information about the characters. It is a great story because of all these things. This story uses a lot of interesting characters who are very different. The two main characters are Buttercup and Westley who love each other but don’t know about it until she gets kidnapped. All the characters are very different. There is the man in black, the giant, the Sicilian, Vezzini, Fezzik, Prince Humperdinck, Inigo, count Rugen and some of these characters are good guys and some of these characters are bad guys. All the characters in the story have their own stories and needs so this book takes us places where each character has had a problem or is looking forward to something. One thing most of these characters use is repetition. An example of this “inconceivable.” The Sicilian uses this word throughout the story until he dies because he is trying to make out like he is the smartest man in the world. The interesting thing about the characters in the princess bride is that they all have something that gets people annoyed and things that interest people. An example of an Interesting thing is that the man in black is the hero but the confusing thing is that he is the pirate. In the princess bride one of the best techniques this novel uses is flashbacks. This allows the reader to see and picture the past of the character in their head. An example of this is when inigo goes to a flashback. The novel told us that Inigo’s father was killed by a six fingered man and that the six fingered man left scars on his face for his

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