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Project Deliverable Length: 600-1200 words Details: Using your own thoughts and analysis, together with at two academic sources from AIU’s online library, write a short cause and effect essay about a topic you have selected. IMPORTANT: Please follow the guidelines outlined for the cause and effect pattern of development in SmarPath and in the chapter of your textbook on writing this type of essay.Use the information in the chapter to outline your essay and include this outline with your essay submission. Please submit your paper in APA format.
  1. An introduction paragraph (place your thesis statement at or near the end of this paragraph).
  2. Body paragraphs (each body paragraph should present and discuss a point that supports your thesis statement).
  3. A conclusion paragraph.
  1. Format your project in APA manuscript style in the following order:
        o Title Page
        o Abstract
        o Essay
        o References list
  2. Write the essay using the cause and effect pattern of development:
  3. Write the essay using a formal tone and style, which avoids the use of personal pronouns (you, I, me, or we).
  4. To support your thesis statement and supporting points, cite evidence (facts, statistics, examples, and expert viewpoints) from a minimum of two (2) sources from the AIU Library databases in the text of your essay with in-text citations and corresponding reference entries in your reference list. This is not optional; you must use sources to support your thesis statement.
Write a 5-paragraph essay. In the intro paragraph, state a thesis as the last sentence. Then, in three body paragraphs, develop three main supporting points that support your thesis. Add a conclusion paragraph to wrap up the essay.
Use at least 2 sources from the library in the essay. Put the sources in the support sections of your paragraphs and cite them, whether you quote from or paraphrase the source.
How to Write an Acceptable Thesis
An acceptable...

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