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Jordan McCormack Proposed 28th Amendment The Right to Education “Education is the key to advancement and success in our society. All people, regardless of race, color, creed, or status, shall be guaranteed equal access to equal educational opportunities at all levels of the educational system. I believe that the only way one can be successful in the modern world is through education. Obviously hard work is important to one being successful, but without the proper education and the tools that this education provides a person, no matter how hard they work, cannot be fully successful. It is extremely important that every citizen have an equal opportunity to receive the education necessary to be successful. Today in many of the poorer sections, especially in big cities, the schools are not properly equipped with both materials and competent teachers to provide a proper education even at the most basic level. This puts these students at a great disadvantage very early in life. It is almost impossible for them to become successful, especially in the modern economy and all the technological advancements that are a part of it. This leaves a large group of students unable to participate in the American dream of becoming successful on there own. This is not because they refuse to work or that they refuse to participate, but rather that have not been provided with the necessary educational tools to take part in the modern economy. It is not only at the elementary and high school levels that access to education should be guaranteed, but access to trade school, community college, and four year colleges should also be guaranteed. Schooling beyond high school is increasingly important to one’s ability to be successful in whatever field they may choose. It is increasingly harder, due to the cost related there to, for many, but the upper

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