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Essay Today’s world is getting faster and faster due the effect of globalisation and massive population growth. History becomes true in every single moment when something happens. It can be everything, but historians mostly consider ónly humans and some kind of a great individual deeds as history. It’s necessary to maintain the flow of information and discard everything which bears no importance within. History has been in creation as long as there has been somekind of symbolism, because only the written down information passes through out centuries. For example ancient egyptians and native Americans had their own vision and made great pyramids and they carved symbols on the walls of their huge constructions. It seems obvious that all their semi-gods were real creatures, who came to visit the earth and they left a great mark on our landscape. It’s important to say, that thousands of years ago there were countless things going on simultaneously and by the way that perspective has not changed. In today’s fast evolving world there are countless amount of things going on and historians are impelled to use their sense of perception. By perceiving information a person can choose which facts should be written down and then compiled with other facts, that there would be a sense of unity. It is necessary to communicate with all the other historians, so the information will be as accurate as possible. When one does not know what one shall write down, then the communication comes into a common use between different perceiving historians . There are thousands of facts which should be crossed out, so the following generations will not be confuzed by the useless themes and sensations. Everything which is important must be written down, and then the process goes on, the historians must cooperate and analyse everything they have put down, after that the process of exclution

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