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Academic Support Workshops 2012/2013 For International Students Semester 2 • Managing Study Time • Reading/Research and Note-taking Techniques • Essay Writing Techniques and Procedures • How to Reference • Exam Techniques and Procedures WHEN AND WHERE? Weeks 1 - 3 and Week 11 Tuesdays 4pm to 5pm Location: UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK ACADEMIC YEAR 2012/2013 SECOND SEMESTER ACADEMIC SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS These series of Academic Support Sessions for international students are designed to assist you in learning important academic skills needed for your period of study at the University of Limerick. They will help you to improve the skills and techniques of managing your study time, reading/research and note-taking, the planning and writing of essays, how to reference, and the procedures and techniques of taking exams. The Academic Support programme therefore helps you to study and learn more effectively and overcome any difficulties that you may have in studying and completing assignments. The programme for the Second Semester takes place on Tuesdays 4.00pm to 5.00pm in Weeks 1 - 3 and Week 11. So come along – it will be interesting but most of all it will be useful. Programme Tuesdays 4.00pm to 5.00pm Venue: Week 1: Tuesday January 29th Managing Study Time, Reading/Research and Note-taking Techniques You will learn how to manage and plan your time successfully, and also how to read, research and access information more efficiently. You will learn different techniques of note-taking and how to be more effective in taking notes from text books and in lectures. Week 2: Tuesday February 5th Writing Essays (Part 1) In this session, you will ascertain how to plan, structure and write an academic essay. You will, also, have the opportunity to learn

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