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It was the final day. Standing on top of the hill there was an icy wind scratching at our faces, we could see our white bus in the distance as if it almost sat there mocking us. Looking around at my five friends and “him”, I joked to myself seeing their longing faces staring at the bus miles out of our reach. To be honest, we all shared the same feeling. We had been walking for three days now; it would be pretty normal that by this time everyone was fed up and dreamed of a hot shower and a warm restful bed. Nevertheless, the journey was still yet to be completed. Looking down at this steep hill I gulped, there was no way down without a risk. Trying to keep on the bright side of things I encouraged everyone to continue as we couldn’t stand there all day. Quickly we all worked as a team in hope to seek out a safe place we could climb down the hillside. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t in our favour. It seemed we had to climb down the steep stony verge with no small footpath. I froze looking at the drop below my feet. I wasn’t afraid of heights but the anxious look on my face told a different story. However, I had to put my fear behind me and think of what was important. Getting home! We helped each other down the hillside making sure none of us was in danger, even “him”. I went first, stretching my left foot down the ledge offering my hand to help my team down. I couldn’t help feeling concerned for myself and everyone’s safety as we attempted our last struggle. There was an awkward tension when he started to climb himself, as I wasn’t sure if he’d accept my help as maybe he thought he could do it alone. I was right; he didn’t even look at me. However that wasn’t important at the moment even though it made me quite annoyed inside, I couldn’t understand what his problem was? I know we had our ‘misunderstanding’ a while back but I wish he would get over it. He was the last of

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