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Kelley Exam #2 ESSAY #1 Diego Velasquez was like none of his Spanish contemporaries. He always created masterpieces with special effects with lights on objects and colors. His most common piece, Maids Of Honor, is a beautiful painting. He uses lighting and shadows in a way that I’ve never seen before. The mirror in the background in this particular painting is significant in the fact that the reflections shown are the King and Queen of that time. I would have to say that Diego Velasquez predominately painted people. When I researched some of his most popular work, I did not see any paintings that were of a landscape, objects, or an animal- they all included people. The people being painted were never smiling. They were either in a conversation, or “acting” normal, or they were looking straight ahead as if taking a photo. Diego Velasquez was a great artist, not only did he create amazing masterpieces, he influenced many popular artists still today. I really liked his technique with the lights, shadows, and mirrors, and I personally look at his paintings in amazement. ESSAY #2 Mozart is who I would personally call a musical genius. He composed over six hundred pieces of work, and I still hear versions of his music almost daily. Mozart was born in 1756, and had a strong relationship with his father. He taught him to play the violin, and other instruments. Once his father saw that he far excelled musically than he, he stopped playing all together. Mozart worked on operas, composed music on the piano, and wrote his own music. One of his most popular opera pieces was called the Magical Flute. This opera was premiered for the first time on September 30, 1791, and Mozart conducted the orchestra. The hundredth viewing of The Magical Flute was in November of 1792. Unfortunately, Mozart never got to see it because he died almost a year earlier. That

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