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Task 2 film study
What techniques does Tim Burton use to create the fantasy world of Edward scissor hands?

"Edward Scissor hands" by Tim Burton is a fantasy story contrasting both fairy tale and horror-imagery. Dominated by two controversial themes, it is a love story between a beauty and a beast as well as a dark parable about loneliness. The main protagonist is Edward. The techniques he uses in the movie are use of colour, characters, camera angles, music and how he uses it to set the tone.

Tim Burton uses colour in Edward Scissor hands Colour is used to highlight the differences between the two 'worlds' of the film. The first time colour is used is when the grandma is telling the story of Edward Scissor hands to the little girl in the oversized bed; like when Peg goes to the castle everything was black and white, the predominant colours, except for the character it Visualizes. This scene is reminiscent of fairy tale (specifically Little Red Riding Hood) and is another means used by Burton to indicate the purpose of his story. The two worlds are contrasted visually by the use of colour, the “kitsch” pastel colours and uniform shapes of the suburban houses, like for an example in Esmeralda’s house all the doors are bright red and the colour of her clothes. Differing completely from the black and white of the derelict castle. The suburban world is apparently perfect with its cloudless blue sky, spotless houses, well-kept gardens and stereotypical inhabitants who are contrasted with the imperfection of the unfinished Edward. All of this adds to the tone and theme of the movie.

Similarly, the director uses the characters to enhance the feeling of a fairy story. The two main characters meet for the first time (when Peg Boggs decides to visit the castle to sell Avon products. When Peg views the castle through her wing mirror, the castle was everything it looked well put out especially in the garden). When Peg   first see Edward in the corner , coming towards...

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