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In her poem “Author to Her Book,” Anne Bradstreet uses the metaphor of a mother and her flawed child to describe the emotions she feels when her book is published without her consent. The contrasting tones of embarrassment and affection that she uses throughout her poem convey the fact that even though she is generally fond of her writing, she can’t accept the idea that others would be reading rough drafts of her writing as opposed to something that’s flawless. Bradstreet uses a tone of embarrassment to illustrate how the mother is feeling when her baby is exposed to the public. When she describes the embarrassment felt by the mother, it represents how Bradstreet feels when her unrevised writing is seen by others. It reveals to the audience that she has the same insecurities mothers have when it come to her writing and that she’s uncomfortable with other people seeing anything she’s created unless it’s perfect. In the first line of the poem, the mother refers to her child as the “ill-formed offspring of [her] feeble brain” and it not only shows that she’s embarrassed by her baby’s flaws, but that she also feels responsible for them. Because her writing is produced from her own mind, this realization furthers her embarrassment since it means that the work that others are seeing is a basic representation of who she is and she fears that they will judge not only the creation itself but inevitably criticize the creator as well. Even later on when her writing is finally returned to her she says that “At thy return [her] blushing was not small.” (line 7) The image of her blushing causes readers to sympathize with her because it suggests how embarrassed she really is. Even though Bradstreet’s “offspring” is the cause of her embarrassment, it is still clear from her affectionate tone that she has a natural attachment to her work that causes her to behave in the same

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