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The Brain Defines Ones’ Being Our brain is one of the most important organs in our body. The brain is what defines us; it holds our personalities, values, and memories. Therefore, I think that if my brain were to be removed and replaced by another brain, I would consider myself to be somebody else with a new brain but in my body. So I would be living a different life, doing things differently because my body is placed with a different brain. Everything that I do are through events or things that’s I’ve learned throughout my life, which molds me to who I am today, my personality, and all of these memories that are created, is all held in my brain. My body is just a physical appearance, a tool that I use to survive and act out the things that go on in my brain. And the brain is what controls the body functions. Comparing the brain and body to a computer and its hard drive can back up my answer. For example, the hard drive is your brain, and the computer is your body. If you took out the hard drive and placed it into a different PC, it would still function the same way it did when it was placed in the other PC. The reason is because the hard drive holds all the data and memories that were stored in it. Like the brain, it is still the same, but moved from one exterior into another, and the only difference is its’ appearance. In conclusion, if the brain was to be replaced with a different brain you would be a different person, but in the same body. You would have a different mindset, personality, life lessons, and memories. For this reason, you are your

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