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Stories and images serve significant cultural functions. These stories and characters help readers understand the meaning of these topics through cultural analysis. In this paper, I speak about the stories “Holy Cakes” and “Golden Temple” which are short stories that impact the respected Sikh culture. I focus my attention on two mythic icons, Balwant Singh and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to show how these images have a cultural impact on the Sikh culture, and society as a whole. These characters show and develop the relationship between Canadian and Sikh culture. A set of proverbs that serve significant cultural functions are “ Its better to be safe than sorry” and “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” These proverbs will give an explanation on how children’s stories embody cultural values, and how the mythic icons Balwant Singh and the Mounties serve as cultural figures that represent their culture’s attitudes and values. Proverbs hold and serve many significant cultural functions. “ Its better to be safe than sorry” and “ Nothing ventured nothing gained” have been proverbs that have been passed down as Sikh beliefs for decades. The first proverb implies that it is better to proceed in a safe manner, than to proceed otherwise and be sorry you took that action. However, the second one goes to show that is necessary to take risks in order to achieve a goal. These proverbs contradict one another, although at the same time they fit well together. The first proverb is taught to Sikh children, to show them that being careful is probably more desirable than risking a bad result. In the Sikh religion it is quoted in your daily prayers, to remind you to proceed with caution. This proverb gives a person an opportunity to think if the consequences are worth enduring. However, on the contrary “Nothing ventured nothing gained” shows that one will not make any

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