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ESSAY TITLE / COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT: What are the main changes that have affected British society since 1945 and to what causes can these changes be attributed? Concentrate on two or three significant changes. WORD COUNT: 1292 1. INTRODUCTION The 2º World War has been a turning point in the world history. This war period has deeply affected to the whole world and has had important changes and consequences in the future development of our planet, affecting the personal, economic, social, political, cultural and many more aspects in the life of millions of people. In this essay, we’re going to focus on the more significant changes produced by the Second World War and the causes attributed to these changes in the British society. As we know, after the Second World War, many changes were carried out in the British society. Some of the more important ones affected aspects in day-life such as the role of the woman in the society, the UK population, religion, policies, economy, art, immigration, etc. All these changes in these areas contributed to a major development in the British society and therefore a modernization in every single aspect of this society. From now on, I’m going to focus my essay on three main changes which, in my opinion, have been the most crucial and influential in the future development of the society. These changes are related to policy and economy, culture and population in the UK. 2. POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CHANGES IN BRITAIN. After the closure of the Second World War, Britain had the need of recovering from his weakened economy due to the war. The first measure carried out was recovering all their lost territories, mainly those in India and Africa. The recovery of all these colonies would provide the British Empire with materials and money and, therefore, an important boost in the battered economy. To regain the

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