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1. Define BFOQ and list to which characteristics it applies. AN employer has the right to hire or fire due to any nature in the occupation that considers age, race, gender, religion and nationality. In most content these circumstances would be considered discrimination. 2. What is the purpose of the Glass Ceiling Commission? The purpose of this is to set a barrier so that woman and minorities could not advance in a company or to a higher position regardless of their qualifications. 3. What is the Federal Privacy Act, to whom does it apply, and what does it protect? This Act is to protect any certain Federal Government records that are pertain to any individual. This protects anyone’s name or social security number. It protects anyone that consumes your name or social security number; they can’t give it out to anyone without your permission. 4. What are the requirements of an Affirmative Action plan? List the criteria for proof of its "remedial nature." Policy Statement • Assignment of affirmative action/equal employment opportunity responsibilities • Procedures for dissemination of policy and plan • Workforce analysis, including availability and utilization analyses • Goals, objectives and timetables for completion • Identification of deficiencies or problem areas • Measures to facilitate implementation of policy and plan • Internal audit and reporting systems • Disabled individuals plan 5. Answer the following problem: Reggie Kelly, who is African American, applies in person for a position as a salesperson with Epitome Realty, which offers homes for sale only in elite neighborhoods. Epitome has only 12 employees. Marcus Bradbury’s response is “What? Are you kidding?” Reggie queries Marcus on the meaning of his response. Marcus retorts, “Well, it is obvious.” Reggie wishes to proceed by filing a complaint under Title VII. What

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