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“Using the case study provided, identify and explain the client’s issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues.” Consultation Mr X is a 45 year old estate agent who has been working in the same company for 18 years. The Manager’s job in his branch has become available, but he has reservations about applying as he does not want to upset the apple cart if he is not successful. He knows deep down that he can do the job as he has stood in for the present manager many times when he has been on leave, but something seems to be holding him back and he cannot quite put his finger on it. He says that all the people in his office see him as a bit boring as he never goes out with them for a drink after work on a Friday. The reason he doesn't go is because that is the day he visits his mother in the home she lives in, and she would never understand if he changed the day and would pick on him more than usual. He would love's the Manager’s job because then his mother would see him as more successful and maybe give him more respect. He has a sort of girlfriend whom he would like to marry but feels that he does not have much to offer her at present and anyway she might say 'No'. He comes across as a gentle man who is very aware of the feelings of others and afraid of what they might think of him. You will have assessed him as visual in modality. Clients Issues Mr X would like to understand what is holding him back from taking a significant career step, even though he does believe in his ability to do the Manager’s job well based upon his experience of covering whilst the current Manager is out of the office. He is worried if he puts himself forward for the post of Manager it will impact on and may cause problems with his relationship with the staff. He is also believes he perceives that his colleagues find him boring and

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