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I started my academic career as most people do, I took college prep courses in high school concentrating on science and math. In my senior year of high school, when I did not need to take anything but electives to graduate, I took two sciences and two maths in order to prepare myself for college. I attended college at Temple University. While at Temple I studied aerospace engineering. However during my time at Temple, it became clear that this career choice was not right for me. I decided to take some time off from school and really choose a career path that was right for my life. While I was taking time off from school, life ,as it tends to do in so many ways, reached out and grabbed me. It seemed that I was going to be a father. During the period that my wife was pregnant, I developed a lung condition which kept me in and out of the hospital. Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I was hospitalized for three weeks to have surgery on my lung. My newborn daughter visited me in the hospital, and I quickly realized the priorities of life. At that moment I dedicated my entire life do whatever was necessary to take care of my child. I took a job in retail and put my college aspirations on hold. But I promised myself that after I raised my daughter I returned to college so that I could complete what I started and make my parents proud. Six months after the birth of my daughter I was working two jobs in order to support our family when her mother decided this was no longer for her, and she left us. I raised my daughter as a single father until she was six years old. I never allowed my daughter or myself to have “pitty me” parties. Both of us were going to play the hand that was dealt us and make the most out of our lives. My daughter is now attending college at University of Pittsburgh majoring in occupational therapy while at the same time serving in the Army

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