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1 Total No. of Question-13 Higher Secondary Examination Sub. - General English Class-XII Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks-100 Instruction: 1. 2. 3. All questions are compulsory. Answer must be complete and to the point. Marks of each question are indicated. against it. Section - 'A' 1. Read the fallowing passage carefully and answer the question given below: The defence mechanism of human body is a gift of nature provided to human being, the power of our body to fight against various diseases producing agent is known as defensive mechanism. This defensive mechanism depends upon factors which can be categorized mainly into two types - common factors and special factors. Amongst common factor the most important is the health of human being. We all know if we are having a good health our body automatically remains protected against the diseases. For keeping good health one should have nutritious balanced diet. A balanced diet is that which contains carbohydrates, fats proteins, vitamins in proportionate amount. The skin of our body saves us against many micro-organism producing diseases provided that it is in fact in case there are cuts abrasions on it. Micro is the millionth part of on unit. The microorganism penetrate the body through these cuts and abrasion and can 2 cause diseases. Therefore a cut or abrasion should never be left open. In case there is no bandage etc. available, it may be covered by a clean cloth. Some bacteria are residing inside the body. They are our friends and are useful for us. They don't cause any disease and by their presence they donot allow diseasecausing organisms to settle on these places. For example the micro-organisms present in human saliva secrete a chemical which donot allow diphtheria causing bacteria to grow inside the oral cavity & similarly the bacteria residing in female genital tract makes the media acidic which donot

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