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1 Research is a process for collecting,analysing and interpreting information to answer question. 2 Research problem(research topic) refer to what do want to find out? -refer to what u want answered and any assumption asscrition that u 1 2 challenge or investigate. 3 Research instrument (research tool) refer to anything that become a mean of collecting information for ur study. 4 Research objective refer to the goal u set out to attain in ur study. 5 Research methology refer to the way of collecting,analysing,interpreting information to answer qestion based on particular principle and method. 6 literature review refer to one of the essential preliminary taskes when u undertake a researchstudy in order to acquaint urself with the available body of knowledge in ur area of interest. 7 operational data refer to operational meaning to thhe study population and the concept use. 8 primary data.refer toinformation gather to usein the second appoch. 9 second data refer to information gather using the first approch. 10. concept refer to mental image or prerections and therefore meaning vary markedly from individual to individual. 11.INDICATOR :refer to a set of criteria reflection of the concept. 12.Variable: refer to be measurable with varying degree of occuracy. 13.Hypothesis: refer to a speculatire statement that is subject to verification through a research study. 14.Study Problem: Refer to be designed to study some phenomenon by taking a cross-section of it at one time. 15.Study Sample: 16.Characteristics of research: controlled , rigorous , systematic , valid , verifiable , empirical and critical. 17.Types of reserch: 3 perspective: The application of the research study ; The objectives in undertaking the research ; The type of information sought. 18.Reasons for reviewing the literature: It help u to : 1. bring clarity and focus to ur research

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