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Canada grew as a colony after World War One because of 3 major reasons. Including; the major battles such a Vimy Ridge and The Battle of 100 Days, the home front which dealt with income tax and growth of industries, and the aftermath which had to do with the Paris Peace Conference and League of Nations. Canada matured from World War One because of the major battles, the home front and the aftermath. The major battles of World War One had a large impact on Canada's maturity. For example Vimy Ridge was one of Canada's biggest achievements. Vimy included some of our biggest accomplishments such as tunnel warfare in the sense that we had thought of a completely didn’t way to fight the War. With these tunnels the Canadians had used new technology such as Sappers which would listen very carefully to the wall of the tunnel and listen for German digging and if he had heard something the Canadians would change course and start digging in that direction. Vimy was also the first 3 dimensional battle which means it had 3 new advancements which were Air, Ground and Sea. Canada's 100 Days was also a very significant battle in which Canada had overtaken the Germans and they retreated from there Hindenburg line which was like there trench except a lot larger and was made from concrete and gave them protection. Along with the Germans retreating the Canadians raided the German line and stole guns ammo food anything that was there and used it as a medical area also so injured soldiers didn't have to be carried all the way back. Both of these battles equally contribute to the maturity of Canada; Vimy gave the Canadians a new found way to learn the enemy's position by air, underground, and undetected in the water and 100 day's Battle showed how Canada could capture the enemy lines and also make very good use out of it. The battles helped Canada mature on the battle field but that was

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