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I have many reasons for attending CSU. The first reason that is most important to me is I want to show my family, friends, and my soldiers that anything is possible no matter where you come from or what you have been through in your life. My second reason is my two little girls, Meeah and Aubrey; I want to show them that hard work pays if you put forth the effort. Nothing is impossible if you work hard at it. I want them to have the best life I can provide for them. Another reason I choose to attend CSU is because I want to better myself. And accomplish my dreams. I really can’t complain about my life now but I know I can’t do this Army life forever. I want to have a life after the Army; these are just a few reasons for me studying for my Bachelor’s in Sports Management. What I want to accomplish in my life is a career in Sports management. This will give me the opportunity to branch out on my own. I would love to start my own business working with professional athletes or be an athletic trainer. In sports management I have to understand how the business and marketing work to be successful in sport management. Understanding that marketing and the business will give a chance to work for teams and arenas. Most of the positions in sport management require a master or doctoral degree if you want a top job in sports management. If I want to become a sport agent or lawyer for the athletes I will have to get a law degree as while. The more education I have in my field the better to secure a job in my career. Sports management can lead to a lot of different jobs. For example I am a coach for flag football for 6 years old kids. I can go work for high schools and colleges in academic services. I can work for professional groups in health, promotions and marketing. I can work with athletes with fitness and health. I can use my sports management degree in retail like a

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