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July 19, 2008 Graduate School of Business, Koç University Rumelifeneri Yolu, 34450 Sarıyer, Istanbul ESSAY A Describe the most significant position you have held, the responsibilities involved, the knowledge and skills required and your own estimation of the degree of competence with which you met your responsibilities. My most significant position is the one I currently hold at TAV Istanbul Terminal Operating Company, a subsidiary of TAV Airports Holding. My primary responsibilities currently include the company’s Budget and Planning organization, process, implementation and management. TAV Istanbul Terminal has the highest turnover among the TAV Airports Holding Company’s subsidiaries. The company operates Turkey’s biggest and most important airport, i.e., Atatürk Airport, with over nine hundred employees. International, Domestic and General Aviation Terminals serve over 25 million passengers annually. Duty-Free stores, Food & Beverage sales outlets and Europe’s biggest Multi-storey Parking Lot are located at the airport. Structuring and managing a budget organization in such a big company is a very challenging and demanding task. I get to use all my knowledge in Financial Planning and Budget processes, and also I am required to display competence in communication and organizational matters. In 2006, I was in charge of building the company’s new budget organization and structure, which I successfuly completed. The new Budget and Planning organization was not that welcome by some employees in the company. I therefore had to persuade them initially, with support from senior management, using my communication and relationship management skills. Following support by senior management, I explained the new budget model to all employees, from senior levels to less senior levels, and convinced them. I led, directed and held budget meetings and training sessions to

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