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Georgette Orr
SPCP 2300
Instructor: Janet Cornelow
Individual Work Week 3
August 5, 2012

                        My sister and her husband had a newborn baby girl. Last night they bought the baby home, as they stared in each other’s eyes saying to on other what a beautiful baby. My sister told her husband that he is one of the best dad’s in the world. Her husband told her she is one on the best mother’s in the world, so together they are one of the best parents in the world. When mom saw the baby she said she is the prettiest little thing I have ever seen, mom kisses the baby on the forehead rubbing the baby’s hands. Even though it was late when the baby came home lots of company was over to see the baby, brining lots of baby gifts, toys. I heard one of my sister’s friends say she is so tiny she could fit in a shoe box.
                  My sister’s husband told his father that he is the happiest man in the world that he finally has him a little girl. I think they are two proud parents, my sister husband dad said to me he thinks she is going to be fine raising her baby. My sister said they are going to have more kids later in the future like another girl and a boy. They are so excited about making more kids so fast, because they are will supportive by their parents. The fact of the matter is they are happy to have a kid and able support it.

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