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Letter to Future Students Dear Future Students, If you are reading this it must be because you are taking a composition class with Dr. Adams. I must admit, when I started taking her class I was a little nervous about how difficult the course was going to be for me. I had virtually no confidence in my writing because it wasn't my strongest subject. However, as I went through a couple of days in class, I realized I might be able to make it through. Dr. Adams makes learning in her class a comforting experience. She will always comment on your essays and tell you what you need to work on for your next assignment. I know she makes the class seem scary in the beginning, but it is only because she's trying to weed out the weak from the prospering. If you are a lazy student you should probably consider dropping this class because Dr. Adams can tell from your work if you took 10 minutes to complete it or not! Trust me, I worked hours on each of my essays and hard work does pay off. In this class, you are going to have to take time out of your day to complete your assignments. The more time you take to research your topics, the better your essay is going to be. Soon, you will realize that Google is your new best friend. I found it to be the best internet site to research for my essay topics. After taking this class, I feel much more confident about my writing skills. Don't let Dr. Adams frighten you towards dropping this class. After the beginning of the course, she becomes much more welcoming. She also gives countless amounts of extra credit assignments, so it is close to impossible to fail her class. If you take this class seriously, your experience should be just as fun as mine was. You will learn so many new ways to analyze literature. The stories you are going to read in class are great ones, and if you learn how to comprehend their literary aspects your essays

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