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Why Do Students Drop Out of High School? Teens find themselves overwhelmed as they face tremendous changes and obstacles in their journey to adulthood. These young teens have to make important decisions as they come close to the age of adulthood.(sound like you are repeating 1st sentence) For some teens, high school is easy, but for others it is a continuous struggle to get through each year in order to reach graduation.( I reworded) Therefore, many students come to face the decision of whether to continue their education or not. Researchers call the decision of dropping out of high school a process rather than an event. It can be predicted whether an individual will be successful in completing high school “as early as the sixth grade by their attendance, behavior, and course-failure patterns” (Gewertz). First, in order for students to leave school, they must reach an age to legally get out. In fact, “24 states allow children to leave school at 16” (Gewertz). Interestingly, there has been a rising interest in the issue of drop out rates in our nation as officials try to find ways to decrease the rates in an effort to improve our nations educational system. To find solutions we must first identify the causes of the problem. As a result, plenty of research has been conducted in order to help us determine why individuals decide to drop out of school. These factors focus on the individual’s personal reasons to leave high school, and put the blame on students for not being able to high school their high school diploma. (????)Consequently, some of the causes that contribute to an individual’s decision to drop out of high school include school-related, economic, and personal factors. The first factor that influences a student’s decision to drop out is school-related. Students who have “behavioral problems in school are associated with dropping out, including

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