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: 1984 Throughout America, our citizens have a say in their government. This is an example of democracy, something that those in 1984 were not fortunate enough to be a part of. Unfortunately the government that they were under control of was a totalitarian government. In 1984, George Orwell uses allusions to “Big Brother” to show the absolute control of the government over the people of Oceana throughout 1984. George Orwell uses these allusions to help paint a picture of the totalitarian government that “The Party,” associated with “Big Brother,” imposed upon all the citizens of Oceana, including Winston Smith. According to Britannica Online, Totalitarianism is characterized by “strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression.” People of Oceana were under many forms of oppression. The most apparent and present form of this oppression is “Big Brother.” The phrase “Big Brother is watching” is stated throughout the novel to instill fear within Winston and the other citizens of Oceana. “The Party” implements a wide array of tactics to domesticate the average human. These forms of brainwashing included the mental bombardment of propaganda through the two way televisions, as well as posters of Big Brother with the message “Big Brother is watching.” These constant feeds of information in favor of The Party and their beliefs made it impossible for anyone, including Winston, to comprehend their current standing. In correlation with these mental attacks, The Party uses physical intimidation to instill fear upon those who may even be accepting of The Parties view. An example of this is when a man is arrested for an involuntary muscle twitch. This arrest makes it clear that any action made is subject for punishment by The Party. By referring to the totalitarian government in the story as Big

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