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Marvin Astacio English November 14, 2011 ACT II SCENE I. Another part of the island. Enter ALONSO, SEBASTIAN, ANTONIO, GONZALO, ADRIAN, FRANCISCO, and others GONZALO Beseech you, sir, be merry; you have cause, So have we all, of joy; for our escape Is much beyond our loss. Our hint of woe [3] Is common; every day some sailor's wife, The masters of some merchant and the merchant [5] Have just our theme of woe; but for the miracle, [6] I mean our preservation, few in millions Can speak like us: then wisely, good sir, weigh Our sorrow with our comfort. ALONSO Prithee, peace. [9] SEBASTIAN He receives comfort like cold porridge. [11] ANTONIO The visitor will not give him o'er so. [13] GONZALO That our garments, being, as they were, drenched in the sea, hold notwithstanding their freshness and glosses, being rather new-dyed than stained with salt water. ANTONIO If but one of his pockets could speak, would it not [68] say he lies? [69] SEBASTIAN Ay, or very falsely pocket up his report [70] GONZALO Methinks our garments are now as fresh as when we put them on first in Afric, at the marriage of the king's fair daughter Claribel to the King of Tunis. SEBASTIAN 'Twas a sweet marriage and we prosper well in our return. ADRIAN Tunis was never graced before with such a paragon to [77] their queen. GONZALO Not since widow Dido's time. [78] ANTONIO Widow! a pox o' that! How came that widow in? Widow Dido! SEBASTIAN What if he had said 'widower AEneas' too? Good Lord, how you take it! [82] ADRIAN 'Widow Dido' said you? you make me study of that: she was of Carthage, not of Tunis. [84] GONZALO This Tunis, sir, was Carthage. ADRIAN Carthage? GONZALO I assure you, Carthage. SEBASTIAN His word is

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