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Josh Diaz 12-7-11 Ms.Varease FCAs: * Theme 10 points * Evidence from the text to support the theme developed in three body paragraphs 60 points * SUM 30 points Theme identified in “The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian In this fiction story written by Sherman Alexia, The Absolute True Story of a Part- Time Indian identified several of themes. The several themes that were addressed were; growing up, culture, family, death, and education. Out of those five I listed one stood out the most to me; death. Death was a theme that stood out the most because in the chapters the closest people to the main character Junior that cared for him the most had moved on to the afterlife; leaving Junior with a heartache and scar for life. My three main topics are going to be focused on Junior’s beloved dog Oscar, his grandmother which he didn’t like to brag about but she was wise and his friend Eugene that was there for him when he was in need. The first death that occurred in Junior’s life was the death of his dog Oscar. As stated in the text, Oscar was very sick. At times Oscar would vomit and he had also had diarrhea. Junior was concern with this matter, that he has ask his mother if they can take him to the vet. His mothers reply was, “Junior sweetheart, I’m sorry but we don’t have money for Oscar.” It hurt him that he couldn’t take care of his only friend .Oscar’s father at that point came into the house, grabbed his riffle and bullets and called for Junior to bring Oscar outside .His father was ready to shoot Oscar, which then Junior wanted to run as far as he can to not hear it, but there was no time. The noise of that gunshot terrified him, leaving him miserable and wanting to crawl in a hole and disappear forever. At this point of his life if things could have got worst, it did. His second death he had to

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