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The birth of a child is generally considered a blessing and a source of great joy . Never had this statement felt more significant and truer than when my wife and I recently had our very first baby . We had been long planning and waiting for his arrival but we were still amazed when it finally happened For nine months , I watched the belly of my wife grow bigger and heavier each passing day . We were very much elated when we found out from the doctor that our baby is a healthy boy and is developing perfectly Often , when my wife was already asleep , I would hold her belly and would patiently wait for even the slightest movement of our baby inside her . I would imagine that my son is also reaching out his hand to touch mine Just the thought that our son can feel my love for him even in his mother 's womb is enough to send me to a sound sleep . Each day contributes to the excitement and anxiety I felt as I awaited the birth of my son I was in the delivery room when my wife was in labor . I have never seen a woman in so much pain that I felt very much willing to take her place at that very moment . My heart was beating so fast and I was sweating profusely that it seems as if it was me who was lying on the operating table . The best that I did was to hold her hand and stay with her as she went through that excruciating journey When I heard my son 's cry for the first time , it 's as though the entire world was suddenly silenced . Everything stopped . All the troubles vanished . Life was simpler . Nothing else matters but the fact that I am the father of this newborn baby . The intense agony a while ago was replaced by the exhilarating joy at the birth of my son . There was overwhelming happiness that we did not notice that my wife and I were already crying . It was indeed heartwarming and until now I can vividly picture the whole experience We agreed to name our son

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