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Some people prefer to get up early in the morning and start the day’s work. Others prefer to get up late in the day and work unstill late at night. I prefer to get up early in the morning and start day’s work. My parents always tell us the best thing to do is finishing everything soon possible. It is really important to finish anything early and in the short time. When I get up early, I can do more many things better for my health and study and my family. First, getting early in the morning is very helpful for my heath. For example, if I get up around 6AM, I will have more time to do exercise every day. Exercise helps me relax and decrease stress. When I have some problem in mu school, I just get up early in the morning and walk around the park near my house, and I can talk to my friend about my problem. It is really helpful for me to share everything with them, and then I feel better. Furthermore, I can enjoy seeing the sun rise in the morning, and it is really wonderful. In addition, the air is very fresh, it make me feel good, and I have enough energy for doing many thing in a day. Second, it is really important and necessary for me to prepare to my study in the morning. I can focus my lesson and I can remember them easier and more quickly because in the morning, the environment is very quiet and good. It is very helpful for me to read the lesson before I go the class, this help me understand the new lesson deeply when the professor teach in class. In the university, I have a lot of homework and many assignments to do, so I need I organize my well, and I get up early to finish many things. Third, it is a good time for me to spend my time with my family when I get up early in the morning. In my family, everyone get up early in the morning and we exercise and play together. It is really happy because we have a wonderful time together. I love playing football

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