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Billions On Sick Animals? “Clearly, our love affair with our pets has gotten out of control,” says author Buckhard Bilger in “The Last Meow”. Today, more and more money is being spent on pets rather than on welfare. Bilger argues that Americans spend way too much money on their pets. He is right; spending billions on animals when our society is yet to be perfect, or even near it, is absurd. The money can be spent on something different, on something that has a cause. Animal senses are more aware than ours are; sick animals should not have to endure the extra pain. According to Bilger, “Americans now spend $19 billion a year on veterinary care fro their pets.” A specific care given is root canals. That is crazy; with all the money that is spent on providing root canals, the people providing that money can find a better use for that. Money could be spent on feeding homeless animals in shelters or providing some degree of health care for them. Not the whole 19 billion is wasted though; there are animals that do have a great chance of surviving and living very long too. The money should go to those animals not the ones who are on the verge of death. Sometime animals reach that point where they are extremely ill and would be better off euthanized. Some pet owners find it so difficult to let go that they spend thousands of dollars on their beloved pets just so they can live 3 more weeks. “Every year, while pets like theirs are saved by the most elaborate means, some six million strays are put to sleep,” says Bilger. Pet owners should let nature take its natural course and let their pet pass in peace. They could still save a life by adopting new pet. Six million is a huge number, and if each pet owner adopted a stray when their pet passed that number would drop dramatically. Pet owners should not put their pets through more pain than

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