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  • on January 20, 2012
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My Past, Present, and Future

Alexis Perkins


Keia Farr

What was your family like?
  Separated/Absent father
  Military Family
What did you want to become when you grow up?
What are your educational experiences?
  Graduated with a 3.8 gpa
  honor roll
  Played sports from middle school thru high school
What would make you happy in your future?
  Owning my own daycare

Sometimes you ever wondered how your Past affects your Present and how your Present makes your Future? Well that's a question I have always asked myself, What if my past was a little different would my present be a little better? In this paper I am going to acknowledge all three areas. Briefly telling you how my past has turned me into the person I am today and how who I am today well determined who I am in the Future.
  There was four off us but we all grew up in different homes. Me and my sister with my great grandparents, My brother with my Aunt, and my youngest brother with my grandparents. My mother was working on what she needed to, to provide a better life for us and as far as our father goes we couldn't even tell you the man's name for the longest. When I was nine I met my father for the first time in my life and that was the last time. He was nothing I expected him to be, He was someone I really didn’t care to know. At the age of a eleven me and two of my siblings, my sister and my youngest brother, reunited with my mother and moved in with her.
  Life with my mother was so different and it took some adjusting. There was a new man in her life and soon I would come to find out he was going to be my step dad. I never thought that was how things were going to be I thought it was just going to be us and our mommy. Soon they were married and I was a little upset about it. I wanted my mom just for me and my siblings. After a couple of months I came to love this man as though he was my real father. A couple of months after they...

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