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IIUC STUDIES BACON’S IDEAS IN HIS ESSAYS: A STUDY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF ISLAM Mohammad Humayun Kabir" Francis Bacon holds a distinguished position as an essayist (Father of English essays)1 in English literature and as a modern Philosopher in the western world. His aphoristic style in writing essays was at that time a new dimension in literature. His is an eloquent voice of the Renaissance. The range of his interests is vast. No single English intellectual symbolizes more the idea of the Renaissance man than Bacon. He wrote on different aspects of law, science, history, government, politics, ethics, religion and colonialism, as well as on gardens, parents, children and health.2 He was considered a force that moved the intellectuals, which moved the world. He advocated wiping the slate of human knowledge clean and starting over again, using a new method for assembling and explaining facts. He was convinced that he had discovered a method, which would unlock all the secrets of nature. He has occupied a distinguished position in English Literature by setting new standards of precision and simplicity which were later accepted as the hallmarks of good prose. He is also highly honored and evaluated for his naturalization of a new genre, prose, in English. No doubt he borrowed the conception of the essay from Montaigne whose essays appeared in 1580. It took a new turn in the hands of Bacon. He does not use it as a means of self-revelation as Montaigne did. His essays are Lecturer, Dept. of English Language and Literature, lIue page no. 119 I IIUC STUDIES I Personal, practical and worldly. Hence it is thought that if there were no Bacon, there would be a big vacuum in English literature. Bacon was aware of other's attempts to correct the inadequacies of traditional learning, particularly of the attempts made by Gilbert, Copernicus, and Galileo to amend

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