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HOW TO SCORE WELL IN AN ESSAY An essay can be defined simply as a non fiction writing that is used to describe, clarify analyze or argue a given subject. In order to write a good essay, one should adopt the right structure and include all the basic elements in the writing of the essay. Below is an examination of these concepts: a) The process of essay writing must start off with a good plan. This helps one come up with the right structure. A good structure is one that has an introduction, body and a conclusion. The introduction must contain how one understands the question as well as a thesis statement. The body of the essay must be organized such that the ideas flow from one section to the other (Gauntlett, D 1998). The conclusion gives a brief summary of what have been discussed and other areas of concern that have not been covered. b) Apart from observing the right structure, the following elements make a good essay: i) It must answer the question as stated. Each sentence or statement must contribute towards answering the question. One must therefore thoroughly research and plan for the essay. ii) The writer must show clarity of thought by arguing the different issues logically and thoroughly (Schweitzer, K ( n.d)). This requires applying both logical and critical thinking. iii) All the arguments and ideas need to be supported. Plagiarism should never be a part of the essay and all works must be cited. iv) The writer must show evidence of wide reading by basing the essay on good number of sources, say four or five. v) The style that the essay needs to be written in must be followed strictly. vi) The essay must be well presented through neat writing and language vii) The writer must show originality of thought and creativeness. References Gauntlett, D (1998): Essay-Writing: The essence Guide. Institute of

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