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Biol 101 Introductory Biology Lecture Course Syllabus This Course is Designed for Non-Science Majors Revised: Fall 2011 Instructor: Office (place): City Park: Office Hours: Course Section: _______Meeting place: _______________ Course time and day: ______________________________ Mission Statement: "Delgado Community College prepares students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational, career, and personal goals, to think critically, to demonstrate leadership and to be productive and responsible citizens." Course Description: The course emphasizes common and important aspects of general biology. The course addresses the cell as the basic unit of life, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, simple genetics, and biomes. The course is designed to present material relative to non-science majors in their daily life Course Goals: The goal of this course is to acquaint the student with the basic fundamentals of general biology. The course will supply the student with the necessary tools to recognize and explain these basic biological concepts: the cell, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell division, genetics, and ecosystems. For online Students: All exams are face to face paper exams. If an online student cannot make it to campus then the student must contact the instructor and find a suitable proctor (at least a week before the exam). The proctor must be a teacher or a librarian with a professional e-mail address (work e-mail from the school or library). Also, the proctor cannot be a relative, a friend, or a neighbor. The instructor has the option of approving or not approving the proctor. Please note that the proctor may charge a fee to the student. The student is responsible for paying the fee. Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course. Co-requisites There is no co-requisite for this course.

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