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In today's world where time is precious and convenience is vital, a quick meal outside the home has become an essential part of our lifestyle. The impetuous lifestyle is responsible for the increasing number of people who have to rush meals or sometimes skip them altogether. Many people have less time than ever before to spend preparing food. With reference to the research of Dr. Devise, 60% of Americans now have microwave ovens and use them for warming up “convenience food”; however, 40% do not even want to warm up this kind of food, which is already prepared for eating, and they prefer to eat fast food outside the home. The success of fast food consumption arose as a result of our living conditions, where many women or both parents have to work, when long distances to schools and work places are common, and usually lunch times are short. There is often not enough time or opportunity to shop for food carefully by trying to read what is on a label or to not buy the food impulsively when the stomach is empty or to cook and eat it with the family. Even on weekdays, fast food outside the home is the only solution because parents do not want to prepare “normal” food. This fact angers not only ordinary people but also medical professionals. For example: Lydia Tinajero-Deck, a pediatric specialist at the Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland, spent her Saturday afternoon talking to parents and kids about fast food. No, she wasn't hungry, she was angry. The obesity rate among children is rapidly rising, and as co-director of the hospital's Healthy Eating Active Living Clinic (HEAL), Tinajero- Deck and her staff are determined to do something about it. (Penn, 2005) "If you give someone a huge serving

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