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It was the 28th February 2010, nothing out of the ordinary. I was lying down in my bed thinking about how much of a great day tomorrow is going to be, I’d never been to a real concert before so this was huge for me! I couldn’t contain my excitement, just thinking of all my favourite bands that I’ll be able to see live at Soundwave 2010. Not being able to sleep kills, I was tossing and turning because there was so much going around in my mind. My iPod at this point and time was the only thing that was going to keep my excitement contained as it’s as close as I was going to get to the real thing before tomorrow, but really if anything it was going to make me more excited. After finally falling asleep at 11pm or so the only thing I had to worry about now is being able to get up at death o’clock which happens to be 5am as I had to be up and roaring to go to be picked up by one of my best friends (Hud Shiels) at 7am. Comes to 5am and somehow I haven’t set my alarm properly and guess what I sleep right through 5am and its 6.30am, my dad comes in “MAIZIE?! Weren’t you meant to be up at 5am?” You know what follows from there, cursing and such. I have half an hour to have everything sorted, including packing my bags and getting ready for my 14 hour day. 7am, and it was time to make way to South Perth, being on the road for 2 hours is the most boring and long trip ever. During the mean time we listened to A Day to Remember which is my favourite band, not one song where I missed a word, I knew the songs from back to front. 2 hours of long and boring driving Hud and I finally made it to South Perth. More and more excitement arose when we arrived to my best friend’s sister’s house in Perth. As not everyone was ready to go, Lily, Ashley and Loretta continued to get ready while I was still trying to contain my excitement, didn’t help when Hud gave me 2 Redbull’s to

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