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Thanks, Mr. Lu By Li Gu English 68, Essay #1 Professor Erickson July 14, 2011 Gu 1 Thanks, Mr. Lu Mr. Lu was one of my high school teachers. He looked common as other teachers. Only one difference was that he didn’t like saying something about his experience. He always seemed serious, and no student dared to joke with him. In his class, we just could hear his voice because we were so quiet like the dead. He taught us math, and most students achieved good results in his class; However, It didn’t include me. I was weak at math all the time, so I would read some novels in his class. He caught me sometimes, but he didn’t say anything to me. I always confused about why he didn’t blame me? I didn’t stop reading novels in his class. Of course, my math results become worse and worse. Someday, Mr. Lu told me “ I know you hate math, so I didn’t blame you for reading novels in my class. I have given you a chance, but why you don’t give a chance to yourself.” I felt so ashamed about that, and I started listening to his class. I thought he had given up me, Gu 2 but he didn’t. The words, which Mr. Lu said, have been carved in my heart. I was determined to give a chance to myself. However, I didn’t understand anything about his class. In my opinion, I couldn’t achieve good results in his class because I couldn’t change the destiny, which I was a math idiot. When I entered the last semester of high school, I didn’t bring any math books to school. In his first class, he told us “ This is the most important semester in your life, don’t give up!” Everyone said “ yes, sir!” Only me choose remain silence. After class, he told me he had a conversation with me. I felt nervous, for I didn’t expect it. He stared at me for a

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