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In this technologically advanced world, distance learning emerges as a top pick to further your education, but once the enrollment form is signed and the books are at your doorstep, the real challenge of life’s balancing act begins. While I can’t give you sure-fire ways to success, I will share with you what has proven beneficial to me. Currently, I’m twenty-five years old and engaged to be married in six months. I also work a full-time job at a veterinary clinic, as well as a part-time job teaching pottery classes at the local ceramic studio. After a long day’s work, I come home and care for two dogs, three cats and a horse, who are sure to never let me forget their dinner. Along with work and my personal responsibilities, is my commitment to support my family as my parents go through an unkind divorce. Needless to say, this list of priorities tends to spread my focus thin. Once I added on furthering my education with distance learning at Penn Foster, I quickly received a crash course in juggling life’s demands! The struggle to do everything is always present. It feels as if you’re running while tethered to a mountain, lots of effort with very little accomplishment. Along with the pressure and fatigue, is the fear of failure that plagues every thought and decision you make. My first attempt in taming ‘the struggle’ was foregoing sleep. That week left me in a zombie, auto-pilot type state of mind, and while I accomplished more tasks, it was with far less accuracy. Then I tried accomplishing tasks hurriedly, skimming and skipping chapters when studying, watching the clock at work for release, having conversations on the phone rather than meeting in person, etc. This too left more to be desired from my performance and because I was working with the minimal amount of information I could, retention was poor. It was a solid month before I began discovering the

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