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Rachael Reed November 22, 2010 Sociology; Essay 1 I think that it is important that we all realize how important our culture and agents of socialization are to our self concept. Our lecture states, “Socialization is the process of interacting with others by which we learn our culture and it becomes a part of us. “ (Culwell, lecture 2) How we behave and our core value system comes from where we are raised, and what has influenced us in our lifetime. This class has taught me the importance of looking all of the agents of socialization from family, school, religion, peers, and media. I think that it is extremely important to look back and see how these agents have helped or hindered you in your decision making process. I would consider family to be one of the most important agents of socialization. As Our lecture states,”The family as an agent of socialization is generally the key to our learning how to be human beings and operate in society. We learn how to communicate, how to feel, how to behave, how to think, and so on. Many of our key values and views of the world come from our family. (Culwell, lecture 2) So this statement makes me trust in fact that family is very important. I grew up in a middle class working family. I can relate to our text when it says, “Middle-class parents, in contrast, focus more on developing their children’s curiosity, self expression, and self control. They are more likely to reason with their children than to use physical punishment.” (Henslin; pg 74) I think this was true for my siblings as well as my cousins. My parents and my aunts, uncles, grandparents were all very supportive and wanted us to do even better then them. They wanted us to go to college and get an education so that we would work in a field we enjoyed. Although my father died in a motorcycle accident when I was eight years old, my mother re-married

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