Escape from Camp 14

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Escape From Camp 14 Essay Test Being human is about being an individual person, with certain qualities that make you unique from every other person, in every other place. Most humans have the opportunity in life to become a unique human. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the corrupt country of North Korea. In the engaging, and exposing book, Escape From Camp 14, you get to follow Shin through his horrors, and torture in one of the most guarded, and demonizing camps in the whole country of North Korea. Early in the book, you discover that Shin is no ordinary human, he has been put through the ringer of the most horrific work camp in North Korea, and then hung out to dry. The opening sentence in the preface of the book sets up the tone of what you will unveil while reading. “His first memory is an execution. (Harden, xi)” From that one sentence on, you will come to the realization that Shin In Geun has not been given the proper opportunity to become a human. Shins’ inhumane treatment in Camp 14 forced him to fend for himself from a very young age. Everyone in Camp 14 has to learn how to have self preservation, how to make sure that they can have the tools in the camp to simply stay alive. They are taught that being brutally beaten for making a simple mistake is what happens in a normal society. Prisoners in the camp are taught to become “informers”, to inform the guards or teachers of knowledge they have come across from a fellow prisoner, whether it is something as simple as taking a corn kernel from the dirty floors of the school room, to plotting an escape plan. Many times, the prisoners would be commended for informing a teacher or guard of information that would be valuable to them, like an escape plan from another prisoner, or the fact that someone in the camp had a stash of rice grains they were saving. No one in the camp could trust anyone, not even

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