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Melissa Harris Composition & Speech February 1, 2011 Escape I can never escape my wondering mind, from all the problems the world has to my very own. The never ending thoughts, which start the moment I wake to the three hours it takes to fall asleep, follow me. They follow me everywhere. Is it death or just stress? What I would do to be able to find a place to focus on one dilemma at a time. A place of meaninglessness that I could run to, to feel free. This feeling of swarming bees chasing me would just fly around confusingly as I drift into thy abyss. Does such a place exist? Fortunately, in my youth, I came across such a place. A place with no excitement, no lights, no noise, no people, just peace; a place of openness, a place to escape this world. My problems would just melt away, and I would be engulfed by emptiness. Floating away into the dark, my mind goes. The nothingness of standing in an open field turns my thoughts, my chaos, to complete silence. Here death can take me. I would start off in a full blown run. Running faster and faster, till my heart felt like jumping straight out of my chest. Three blocks from my house I would slow to a peaceful walk, catching my breath in this six acre field. Standing there as if I were a lost soul, running my hands gently over the tops of the yellow and tan leaves, picturing them as feathers. Feathers from a massive bird waiting to take me away. Step for step my bare feet become more relaxed and covered with cold wet mud. The more mud that gushes between my toes, the more I forget who I am and why I’m there. Silence overcomes everything. The nothingness of the field is intriguing. Everything in my mind stops as I stare at the grass. The sun rays highlight blades of grass to a tarnish yellow color, as the unseen foliage invites you in, like death. I stand there and just listen. Until I

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