Esau-Hairy: What Did The Wrestling Cause In Jacob?

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Esau - Hairy, not to bright, strong, hunter, dads favorite Jacob - trader, cheater, bright, smooth skin, likes to be in tents, moms favorite *What did Rebekah* do? Made Jacob go kill a sheep and take its skin and put it on to act like he is Esau to get the blessing before Abraham dies What happened in Jacob's dream? He saw a ladder stretching to heaven What did the Lord promise Jacob? He saw god by him, and he gets the land of good With whom did Jacob wrestle? God or one of his angels What affliction did the wrestling cause in Jacob? Injured hip What new name was Jacob given and why? Israel, because he is a dreamers and code of many colors *How did this* affect Jewish dietary laws? Do not eat thigh muscle on the hip…show more content…
Sold him to Pharo Give two reason for the Egyptians oppressing the Israelites? Afraid to take over them, and there was so many Israelites that would side with the enemies Describe the treatment of the Israelites by the Egyptians - Wanted all first born boys killed, and the girls to live How did he survive being killed as a baby? The nurse floated him down the river to his own mother What did Moses do that caused him to flee? Forced labor, beating other people, flees from pharoh What happened there? The bush was burning on fire which was god, and Moses looked away What did god feel about the plight of the Israelites? Wanted them out of Egypt What did God reveal to Moses to tell the Israelites? I am who I am, I am has sent me to you, god of your ancestors What sign did god promise Moses that involved his staff? He will harden Pharos heart and make him release them from Egypt How many plagues were there? 10 Why did the Passover occur? To kill off Egyptians What were the Israelites asked to do? Kill Passover lamb and put the blood on their doors so god saves them, they know not to hurt them with the blood on their…show more content…
Went down the mountain, talked god out of hurting everyone so his serpents could multiply Why did Moses go back up the mountain? To tell Lord what Aaron had done How would you assess Aarons leadership skills? Not very good How will the sinful faults and transgressions of the Israelites be taken care of? Puts their hand on sheep and puts all sin into it, and the sheep then goes to the forest to take them away What did the lord want the people to know through Moses? Ten commandments, love god, love your neighbor Name 5 different practices the lord asked for the Jubilee year? 1. Make sale or buy from neighbor/2. Observe statutes and faithfully keep his ordinance to live safely/3. When eldest sells land, next in line should redeem the land/4. Kin falls dependent support them/5. If not depended sell them to you, but not be your slave What did the lord call Moses to do? Get a census of all males ages 20 plus When have you heard these words? Church How did the lord guide the Israelites by day and by night? Fire by night, Cloud by day What happened to Miriam? Go Leprosy What had Miriam done? Led people in celebration, and for gossiping saying god can speak through her

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