Err Unit 201 Outcomes 4:1, 2 and 3

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02/03/15 ERR Unit 201 Outcomes 4:1, 2 and 3 These are many opportunities within the health and social care sector. Whether you want to work with adults of an older age or that have learning disabilities there are many routes you may want to take. There are plenty of opportunities available for support workers to progress in the field, although the availability of professional development courses does depend on the local authority. Many authorities offer support workers the chance to work towards an NVQ, SVQ or degree in a related subject (e.g. health and social care) whilst working, which may allow them to progress to the role of senior support worker or a managerial position with experience. Local authorities may also provide day-long training opportunities such as first aid training which help support workers stay up-to-date with changing professional standards in the social care sector. If you want to work within another sector of health and social care there are many areas of opportunities that you can follow for example working in the healthcare sector or in the social care sector Healthcare * Adult nurse- adult nurses care for adult patients who are suffering from acute and long-term illnesses and diseases. They support recovery from illness or operation by using care plans, carrying out care procedures and assessments and by focusing on the needs of the patient rather than the illness or condition. They also promote good health and well-being through education. * Occupational therapist- occupational therapists help people with mental, physical or social disabilities to independently carry out everyday tasks or occupations. They work with children and adults of all ages, whose difficulties may have been present since birth, or the result of an accident, illness, ageing or lifestyle. * Learning disability nurses- learning disability nurses

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