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Understand Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or children’s and young peoples settings Task D Winterbourne View Abuse Uncovered June 2011 * The abuse that occurred at Winterbourne View was uncovered in a Panorama expose into the physical and psychological abuse of young adults with learning difficulties , genetic disorders and autistic spectrum disorders. Winterbourne view operated as a private hospital at Hambrook, South Gloucestershire, England, owned and operated by Castlebeck Care. Prior to the expose local social services and the Care Quality Commission had received various complaints and warnings regarding the mistreatment occurring at Winterbourne View. One senior nurse had reported his concerns to the management and the CQC, but his complaint was not followed through. The undercover footage which aired on BBC1 in June 2011 showed staff repeatedly assaulting service users, using inappropriate restraints and cold showers as a means to punish them. Service users where subjected to systematic abuse and were constantly mocked for their afflictions. A clinical psychologist who reviewed the footage described the abuse as "torture". Winterbourne view closed on the 24th June 2011 just over two weeks after the abuse was uncovered. 11 Carehome workers were sentenced in court as a direct result of the Panorama Probe. * Following the uncovering of the abuse a serious case review was launched. It has been widely speculated in the media since the publishing of the review that the money saving activities of Castlebeck Care the private sector company who ran Winterborne view directly contributed to the neglect of their service users . Margaret Flynn author of the Serious Case review has said Castlebeck took “financial reward without the responsibility”, “promoted an unworkable management structure” and relied on “poorly paid and
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