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Employment rights and responsibilities ERRS 1.1.1 List aspects covered by law •Data Protection •Wages - pay rate •Holiday entitlement •Redundancy/dismissal •Sickness benefits •Contract •Equal opportunities •Criminal Record Bureau checks •Health and Safety regulations •Parental Leave and benefits/appointment •Training and support •Bullying and harassment Loading… 1.1.1,1.1.3 Features of current legislation •Employment Status – to safeguard employees’ and employers’ rights and responsibilities •PAYE for employers – PAYE tools and information for working out PAYE, National insurance, benefits, and expenses •Statutory Pay and leave – Maternity, Paternity, Holidays, Sickness benefit. Entitlement, eligibility, notice for leave, redundancy pay •Workplace Pensions – What employers can and cannot do •Checks employers can do for job applicants – CRB, DBS, Health checks, right to work in UK •Employment Contract – agreement between employer and employee •Penalties for employing illegal employees •Minimum rate of pay-21+£6.19, 18 to 20-£4.98, under 18-£3.68, apprentice-£2.65 •Health and Safety regulations •Bullying and harassment 1.1.4 Sources and types of information •ACAS – For advice on employment status, employee rights and employment responsibilities. Helps resolve disputes by giving advice and information to employer and/or employee, as well as mediation and conciliation services. •Employment Tribunal – if not satisfied. They will take look in the case and take it to court if necessary. •Direct Gov website - for advice and information •EHRC – Equality and human rights commission •HR- department at work •Line Manager •Citizens advice bureau Loading… 1.2.1 terms and conditions of your employment •A set of rules and regulations that should be adhered. •Agreed number of hours to work/temporary/permanent •Employment conditions

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