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Level 2 Understand Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings Assessment Workbook IMPORTANT: YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS BEFORE RETURNING THIS WORKBOOK TO LIFETIME Name of learner: Email address: I confirm this is all my own work. Signature: Date: An introduction to your Knowledge Questions These knowledge questions form part of your Apprenticeship around understanding the employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young people’s settings. What to do with this paperwork? We require copies of all of your assessment paperwork as part of our internal verification process and to enable our Awarding Body to certificate you. Your…show more content…
The local inter-agency group who are responsible for that adult or child's protection conduct a review to look at how professionals & organisations can improve the way they work together. 1.1 List the different aspects of employment covered by law. Example: Absence and sick pay Anti-discrimination provisions, E.g gender, race, disability religion and age Working hours & holiday entitlements Sickness absence & Sick pay Data protection Health & safety Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks 1.2 There are 3 main features to the current employment law. What are they? Employment Rights Legislation National Minimum Wage Legislation Employment Legislation Equalities & Discrimination Law Health & Safety Legislation Working Time Regulations Part Time Workers Regulation 1.3Why do these laws exist and what would happen if they didn’t? Legislation relating to employment exists to protect the best interests of both employer & employee. There are policies & procedures put into place & complied with in order to protect the rights. Where an employee finds that it is not complied with the employer is liable. They also exist to ensure a more cost efficient & safer working
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