Err 1.1 Health and Social Care

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1.1 List the aspects of employment covered by law. The law in the uk covers these aspects- Sickness You can get 85.85 pounds per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if you’re too ill to work. It’s paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks.You need to qualify for SSP and have been off work sick for 4 or more days in a row including non-working days.You can’t get less than the statutory amount. You can get more if your company has a sick pay scheme .wage, data protection- The Data Protection Act (DPA) controls how personal information can be used and your rights to ask for information about yourself, working hours regulations, CRB checks- The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) is now the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) , Health and safety, Holiday entitlements, discrimination-It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their sex, religion, disability or certain other personal characteristics, age, race, gender, redundancy and dismissal. they also cover the disability act, health and safety and manual handling operations regulations. (1.2)the main features of current employment legislation are to protect employers and employees, to guide, regulate and set standards, to provide rights and restrictions on workers and management through a legal relationship. these regulations feature- Pay, payslips, company sick pay rights, national minimum wages and rates of pay, time off and holidays, working hours and working time limits, rest breaks, overtime,part time work, sickness absence and time off for dependants. (1.3)Legislation relating to employment exists to protect the rights of employers and employees by providing rules and regulations that must be followed. it prevents employers from abusing or taking advantage of employees. (1.4) sources and types of information that are available to employment rights and responsibility include : job centre plus,
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