Erotic marriage argument

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An Erotic Marriage Argument: A Discussion of John Donne’s “The Flea” A discussion of the John Donne poem “The Flea” in reference to the relation between the erotic and religious language found throughout, finds relevance in almost every line of the poem. The two seemingly opposite ideas exist in a congruent fashion without compromising the positions the entities stand upon. Although Donne’s agenda when composing “The Flea” is not certain, the tone and the subject of his other work give the reader a good impression as to the poetry‘s meaning. However, when examining poetry one’s ultimate interpretation develops from a singular experience, without the aid of other works of the author to use in reference to that which is interpreted. Donne’s use of double meanings in the language of the poem result in a reading where two ideas come together in interpretation Donne, in “The Flea” uses erotic, as well as religious language in order to communicate his thoughts concerning the relationship between marriage and love making. Lines such as “Me it sucked first, and now it sucks thee”(3), used in opposition to “Our marriage bed and marriage temple is”(13) convey the complex theme Donne inserts in the poem. What is Donne’s purpose when using the conflicting language? Donne’s work is studied as such containing satire. If the reader views “The Flea” as completely satirical, one comes to an interpretation containing validity, however simple in nature. The explanation appears logical. Donne, by inserting language into “The Flea” that creates opposition infers his thought upon the absurd nature with which the virtues of marriage, and the erotic inclinations of love making stand in juxtaposition. The argument could logically end there; however, Donne, instead of the bleak view seems to aspire to address something akin to the argument, but perhaps an argument which is further
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