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Erosion Essay

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  • on December 8, 2012
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Causing and Correcting Erosion

According to Wright & Boorse, “The three major practices that expose soil to erosion and lead to soil degradation are overcultivation, overgrazing, and deforestation, all of which are a consequence of unsustainable management practices.” (Wright & Boorse, 284)   Overcultivation   is positive because it is needed, but it does contain its drawbacks, “The drawback is that the soil is then exposed to wind and water erosion.” (Wright and Boorse, 284)   The soil being exposed, eroding by wind and water does happen for long periods of time throughout the year, through plowing, and after harvest.   Through plowing, splash erosion occurs, it is necessary, but again it has its downfall.   “To abandon rotation, degradation and erosion exceed regenerative processes, and the result is a gradual decline in the quality of the soil.”   (Wright & Boorse, 285)   There are a couple ways of correcting this problem; one is “no-till.”   This is, “A technique that permits continuous cropping, yet minimizes soil erosion, is no-till agriculture, which is now routinely practiced over much of the United States.” (Wright & Boorse, 285)   Other way to fix the erosion would be using organic fertilizer, contour strip cropping, and shelterbelts.   Because of this new used practice “Estimates indicate that soil erosion on croplands has lessened in recent years, from 2.1 billion tons in 1992 to 1.7 billion tons in 2003.” (Wright & Boorse, 286)   Another problem is overgrazing which is when “grass production fails to keep up with consumption, and soils become degraded.” (Wright & Brose, 287)   This is not a new problem, since there are always going to be animals grazing on the land, but it does need a solution which could be done if there were better management of from property owners of overgrazed lands.   Another way that would help is if “governments buys some of the 26,000 existing grazing permits and retire rangeland.   The ranchers would be...

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