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Autumn White December 6, 2008 Tigerbelle Report Ernestine Davis The Tigerbelle that I had the privilege of interviewing was Ernestine Davis. Ernestine Davis is from Tampa, Florida and attended Tennessee State University from 1978 to 1982. Coach Cheese persuaded Davis to come to TSU. Ernestine came second to Coach Cheese in the 100 and the 200 at their high school state meet, however Ernestine Davis came back to win the 400 meter dash. Coach Temple admired this and moved forward with the recruiting process with Davis. Ernestine Davis then began to run for Coach Temple. She described Coach Temple as hard, but a good person. She said that running for him was a learning experience that taught her life lessons. Ernestine claims that Coach Temple had a “my way or the high way” attitude. Ms. Davis let me know that when running for Coach Temple, you were living under a microscope. She also stated that he was very fair and very to the point. He never cut corners or sugar coated anything. After scanning her brain for about three…show more content…
She wanted me to make sure that first and foremost I let all of you know that you must stay focused, and that all things that are good to you are not good for you (boys). She also wanted me to remind you to not forget why you are at TSU and that is to get an education first, and to be a Tigerbelle first and a half, not second. Ms. Davis stressed that these are the best years of our lives so we should not take this experience for granted. She mentioned to me that about 99 percent of her class of Tigerbelles received their degrees. She also stated that being a Tigerbelle means putting your blood, sweat, and tears on the track and when you don’t, that makes you a Tinkerbelle. She said to make sure that we are all carrying ourselves as Tigerbelles and to not forget that being a Tigerbelle is more than the name, but it’s a

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