Ernest Hemingway and Guy de Maupassant

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Ernest Hemingway and Guy De Maupassant are two of the world’s most renowned and famous writers. Guy de Maupassant was born in France and later served in the Franco-Prussian War. After the war, Maupassant lived in Paris where he met a couple of distinguished writers who would influence him later in life. After quitting his day job as a civil servant, Maupassant published one of his two-hundred or so stories. After getting the syphilis disease that had a negative effect on his brain, he attempts to commit suicide and fails. After his failed suicide attempt, he is confined to an asylum where he dies. On the other hand, Ernest Hemingway was born in Illinois and eventually became a volunteer ambulance driver. After getting married, he gave up journalism for fiction. Like Maupassant, Hemmingway moved to Paris where he met a few expatriates. It was in Paris here Hemmingway wrote much of his stories and novels. Hemmingway was also a journalist for the Civil War and WWII. Hemmingway’s reputation soon fell but he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. After becoming depressed, Hemmingway commits suicide. In Cat in the Rain, the time period is much more recent than the time period in The Necklace. In the Cat in the Rain, there are a few characteristics that enable the reader to understand that the time in which the novel was written is in the early to mid-90’s. In Hemmingway’s story, the husband sees his wife more as a trophy and does not pay much attention to what she wants. He ignores what she is saying and barely acknowledges her. He is more interested in reading his book. The fact that the housekeepers in the hotel are called maids also suggests that the time period is somewhat older. In The Necklace, the time period is a little older. One can argue that Maupassant’s story is written much earlier than Cat in the Rain because there are still ancient social class
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